Eye-Catching ways to decorate with plants

A terrific way to give any area some color and a natural, lively atmosphere is to use plants as décor. Although there are countless plant varieties and several methods to display each one, these are some of our favorite combos.

  • Symmetrical pots. Locate geometric planters or pots in a range of sizes, then fill each one with miniature succulents in a variety of designs and hues. After that, arrange a few pots in a group on a window sill or shelf or use a single one to decorate a side table in the middle of the dining room table.


  • Plants that hang long. Use a macramé plant hanger to hang a larger, draping plant from the ceiling, or set it on a high shelf or ladder. Examples of such plants include eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy. These plants are ideal for adding a splash of color to the corner of your living room or any space with a big, blank wall.


  • Plant nook. Want to fill a large corner in your dining or living room but don't know how? Think about converting it into a tiny plant refuge. Choose plants of all different shapes, heights, hues, and styles, then buy either coordinating pots or a variety of kinds. To add more levels, think of using a stool or a small table and placing each one in a different corner.


  • Air ferns Air plants are adaptable and may be used in DIY wall art, hung from the ceiling or on the wall within geometric metal prisms, or arranged with other plants and colorful rocks or sand in lovely glass terrariums.