Easy Landscaping DIY Projects

Have you ever had the urge to DIY something? When we do, going outside and changing up our landscape elements are some of our favorites.

A new appearance for the lawn always offers your home a new look, whether it's as simple as putting some lighting or a little more time-consuming like re-plotting plants. Here are our picks for the five easiest landscaping tasks!

Create a pathway.

Install a pathway to connect various parts of your yard and direct you and guests through it. To add texture and color, you can use a range of materials, such as recycled pallet wood, flagstones, gravel, and more.

Add a wall or border.

A flagstone, rock, or brick wall installed around flowerbeds or trees gives your landscape a sleek, modern appearance and serves to divide various areas of your yard.

Install a water feature.

The sound of trickling water as you unwind in your lawn is one of the best ways to achieve calm. You can start out easy by getting and installing a tiny solar-powered feature, or you can make your yard more of a focal point by building a waterfall wall or a small pond.

Light your way.

By using lights wisely, you may easily alter your yard. Use walkway lighting to naturally direct the eye, cool-colored lights placed high in trees to simulate moonlight, or spotlights to draw attention to certain items or plants.

Plant upwards.

By emphasizing the sky with a trellis fence or screen made of wood or metal, you can expand the area of your yard. Choose your climbing plants and vines, then start planting after your trellis is in place!